BS H20
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Back treatment against rising damp for natural stone and absorbent materials.

BS H2O is a special water-repellent emulsion made with reactive resins dissolved in water. The special product formulation, specifically developed to be applied on the underside of tiles and slabs for flooring (back treatment), creates a hardy protective membrane with particular and unique chemical and mechanical characteristics that prevent damp from rising through the capillaries in the material, without however, affecting its original breathability and at the same time, increasing the adherence between the treated material and the adhesives used to install it.

BS H2O is used as a back treatment before installing any of those materials subject to rising damp and all of the problems linked to this: the appearance of salts and efflorescence, oxidation reactions and the resulting appearance of rust and stains, exfoliation and surface flaking of sections of material. BS H2O is always used in combination with a Faber pre-installation protector, applied to 5 sides (top+edge) to guarantee maximum protection and perfect adherence with any type of bonding agent.

BS H20 can also be used as a bonding additive together with cement-based products to create mortar with the best possible chemical and mechanical resistance and adherence, even to old surfaces in bad condition.






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