IMEC GS ECOBOT 50 PRO SPRAYER ĘC AI Robotic Scrubber & Sanitizing System iMEC GS ECOBOT 50 PRO SPRAYER is an AI-powered cleaning robot that goes beyong scope of í░automationí▒ integrated safety system. Operators can monitor the ecobot performance and access cleaning results through user friendly and interactive flet management system. Deep-learning algorithms are integrated within a sensor fusion of 2D LiDAR, 3D and RGB cameras, which grant the robot high accuracy environmental perception and the ability to make advanced operation decision according to the real-time situation.

Hood type dishwasher installation

standard dishwashing machine system complete with s/s table left to right

inpiana hotel demo

Date : 24/10/2020 Impiana Hotel Johor Senai We are DEMO STONE SOLUTION at lobby, Show you how we do shine & remove water in the marble.

HB Glossy Diamond Pad Demo

#200 #400 #800 #1500 #3000

dishwasher oparation (mini filght)video

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